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Jiangxi Baotai Group has won the honorary title of "Copper Star"
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    Summary:Jiangxi Baotai Group has won the honorary title of "Copper Star"

    On August 28, 2019, under the guidance of the regenerated Metal Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Association and sponsored by the Yangtze River non-ferrous Metal Network, the "2019 Yangtze River Copper Industry chain Development Summit Forum" was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Nearly 150 enterprise representatives from the upper and lower reaches of the copper industry chain attended the meeting. At the same time, the meeting held a "Yangtze River Copper Star" licensing ceremony; Jiangxi Baotai Group won the title of "Copper Star".

    The output value of the Group in the first half of the year is 3 billion yuan, the output of copper row is also the tops in Jiangxi Province, the products are sold to all parts of the country, and the supply is short of demand. The group has set up market departments in Yueqing, Zhejiang; Suzhou, Jiangsu; Dongguan, Guangdong; and Foshan, Guangdong to facilitate customer procurement.

    In the aspect of science and technology research and development, we cooperate with Zhongnan University and Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, and cooperate with Yingtan Copper Industry Engineering and Technology Research Center in Jiangxi Province to develop scientific research projects. At present, two patents for invention of copper industry have been completed: "A method for refining purple miscellaneous copper by tilting melting and casting" and "preparation and application of a kind of multicomponent master alloy for copper refining". We have 34 patents for utility models, 1 patent for invention is are being applied for and 5 patents for utility models. And"High density oxygen-free copper row" has won the honor of key new products at the provincial level.

    The group has 4 sets of upper leading furnace, 2 sets of copper semi-continuous casting, 2 sets of brass melting furnace and 6 sets of extruder. One new copper furnace and one brass melting furnace are being added now. The equipment has been customized and some of the equipment has been installed. The equipment is equipped with the Internet of Things technology, which can be used for uploading data such as production data, process parameters and the like to the visual terminal, and the smelting temperature, the water temperature and the traction speed are clear at a glance on the computer, and the cross-space management can be realized. By storing, analyzing and processing the production data, the optimal combination of process parameters is obtained, thus optimizing the production process, saving the cost and improving the economic benefit.

    While in increasing production, Jiangxi Baotai Group never forget the green development, in the industry park use gas instead of coal, solar power generation and other new energy rectification and reform, committed to the use of renewable energy, and struggle for the motherland's blue water and blue sky!

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