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  Spring of 2019, everywhere is full of vitality, old trees also sprout. 

  "Your saving card last no. 6339 receive 1079 yuan at 15:26 on March 9", a mobile phone message melt the cold of early spring in the air and brought the warmth of spring. Zou Sijiu, an old employee who has contributed 16 years of youth to Jiangxi Baotai Group, holds his mobile phone in his hand and his eyebrows are full of laughter.When he knew that he would receive a pension every month in the future, he took chairman Peng Baotai's hand excitedly and said, "Thank you to Pao Tai Group! Thank you, chairman! If it hasn't been for the chairman's appeal to us to hand in social security, we will need our children's support when we are old."

  The predecessor of Bao Tai Group is Yingtan Xingfa Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd., founded in September 2002.When it was officially produced in early 2003, the company was still a small workshop with only a few dozen people.

  Chairman Peng Baotai care for employees and actively responds to the call of the state to pay social insurance for employees and become a private enterprise that paid social insurance for ordinary employees in Yujiang District.Paying social security for employees was new at that time. Employees recruited from surrounding villages had never heard of it, knew nothing about pension insurance, and most people were very dissatisfied with deducting more than 50 RMB a month from their wages.They think that the money is the real money in the hand, and now every month the salary is deducted, who knows what is 15 years later?

  Chairman Peng Baotai actively mobilized his employees after hearing about it.He said, "We have to trust the party!" Trust the government! Today, we pay social security, our old life will have a security, do not spend the money of their children can also provide for the aged, can enjoy happiness in their twilight years! We hand in dozens of dollars a month today, and then we get hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars! "

  At that time, many people say that Peng is a fool, to pay the social security for the employee, the employee only need pay a few of it, and the enterprise needs to pay a lot of it, the company needs to pay a lot of money.If the company does not pay social security for employees, it can save a lot of money for the enterprise. But chairman Peng Baotai said: he is native, to do business is to contribute to the people of his hometown.

  He used to say, ""If I'm a light, I'll light the whole room; if I'm the sun, I'll light the whole world; now I'm an enterprise boss, and I'm going to light all the staff! The general secretary will lead the people of the whole country to be well-off, and I will lead the staff to a well-off society!".

  Fifteen years later, old employee Zou Sijiu, Gao Baisheng, Shao Xiangtai received retirement wages one after another. The ideological mobilization work that Chairman Peng Baotai gave to the staff at that time has also been realized!

  Nowadays, Jiangxi Baotai Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd. has more than 700 employees and an average salary of more than 6000 yuan. It costs more than 6 million yuan to pay social insurance for employees every year. The other side of the data also means that the more than 700 employees recruited from the surrounding villages and towns of Baotai Group will have a sense of support for their old age!

  The group's retired staff received the pension has been well-known in the nearby.They all know that migrant workers can also get pensions like civil servants!Nowadays, many enterprises have indicated that it is difficult to recruit workers, but it is not difficult for Jiangxi Baotai Group to recruit workers, and the treatment is improved. It is not difficult to recruit common workers, also not difficult to recruit talents.Chairman Peng Baotai changed his slogan: "gather the Metal and the Wealth from all of the world" to "gather the Metal and the Elite from all of the world." Elite is the wealth of enterprises, is the treasure basin of enterprises. Baotai Group already has many talented persons, the momentum of development is rapid!

In the eyes of employees, Peng Baotai just like the rising sun, warms the hearts of workers, and also illuminates the way forward for many migrant workers.

  When warm spring comes, even old trees will sprout. The spring of Pao Tai Group has come, and after the retirement of Baotai employees, a new "spring" has also been ushered in!

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